Handmade, Stone-Hearth Baked Pretzels
for Old-Fashioned Goodness
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Old-Fashioned Hand-Twisted Pretzels for Sale

When pretzels are brought to life like an art piece, you can taste the difference. Factory-made pretzels from a grocery store shelf can’t compare to the taste of an authentic handmade pretzel.

At Uncle Henry’s Pretzel Bakery, we sell hand-twisted pretzels for the world to snack on. Since we started our bakery in 1983, our mission has been to create the best possible old-fashioned pretzels for everyone to enjoy.

Pennsylvania Dutch Pretzels for Sale Online

As a family-owned and operated business that works hard to please every customer, it’s important to us that premier quality is a pillar of our pretzel products. Our bakery is unique in that we still make our pretzels the old-fashioned way—by hand. Our pretzels are FAT FREE: No oil or shortening No sugar or sweeteners No Preservative added.

Uncle Henry’s pretzels are hand-rolled and twisted by the Pennsylvania Dutch Mennonite and Amish community using the finest sourdough and other ingredients. They’re then slowly baked in a stone hearth oven and go through a supervised drying process. This ensures they achieve their delicious crunch and wholesome taste.

Our Handmade Pretzel Products

From classics to new favorites, we have products for every taste and craving. Our original regular pretzels are always a big hit, as is the extra dark version. Our original pretzels can also be made in fat-free, sugar-free, and cholesterol-free varieties.

Additionally, we offer whole-wheat and oat bran pretzels as well as extra salt and low-sodium options. For those who have a sweet tooth, try some of our milk chocolate and dark chocolate-covered pretzel goodies to satisfy your appetite.

You’re free to customize your perfect snack pack in all our gift boxes and individual product orders. If you’re a retail business owner looking for wholesale pretzel options, we offer special pricing and packages that are sure to suit your needs.

Shop Uncle Henry’s hand-twisted pretzels for sale online to satisfy your next craving. If you have any questions or special orders to discuss, contact our team today!