Handmade, Stone-Hearth Baked Pretzels For Old-Fashioned Goodness! Our summer sale is here check out the coupons tab!

For serious snack lovers, there’s not much that can top the crispy crunch of an authentic Pennsylvania-Dutch pretzel. Uncle Henry’s Pretzels uses a superior dough to make their twisted treats, and finish them with the perfect amount of salt for a satisfyingly savory finish. Sweet and salty pretzels take this time-honored snacking classic a delicious step further by adding smooth, creamy chocolate to the mix. That means that if you’ve ever had trouble choosing between a sweet snack or a salty one, you’re in luck: Uncle Henry’s has solved your dilemma with chocolate-covered pretzels!
Not Your Average Chocolate-Covered Pretzels
Believe it or not, some snack companies use chocolate to cover their mistakes! They use “second string” pretzels as the core of their snacks, but that will never happen at Uncle Henry’s, where they only use whole, high-quality Pennsylvania-Dutch hard pretzels from their own handmade process, coating them in tasty chocolate to give you the best of both worlds.
Sweet and Salty Pretzels for Any Occasion
No matter what you’re celebrating, Uncle Henry’s chocolate pretzels for sale make the perfect present. Birthdays, baby showers, a great report card, a promotion at work – show your loved ones how much you appreciate them and how proud you are with the best sweet-savory crunch around. Tucked in bags, presented in gift boxes, or even as decor on a particularly fancy cake, these salty and sweet pretzels will show them just how much you care.
To learn more about the benefits of sweet and salty pretzels, contact Uncle Henry’s Pretzels today.

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Uncle Henry's Pretzel Bakery

Uncle Henry's Pretzel Bakery