Oat Bran Reduced Sodium Pretzels


The same as our regular special pretzel just with lower salt. No salt is added to the dough.

Uncle Henry’s Pretzel Bakery keeps things interesting by offering oat bran reduced sodium pretzels. Now you might think, “Are these as good as the originals?” Well, yes, they are! They’re just a little different thanks to oat bran. Why do people eat oat bran? It’s low in saturated fat and a good source of dietary fiber. So, if you want to lower your LDL (“bad”) cholesterol, this is the kind of snack to help do it. Better yet, these aren’t “too salty” since they’re reduced sodium!

*All pretzels are handmade & fragile, some breakage may occur during shipment. **All prices include shipping & handling.

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