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If you’ve ever visited the beautiful Pennsylvania-Dutch country, you already know that capturing the magical handcrafted feel of the area is a tall task. The taste, however, travels well! Uncle Henry’s Pretzels provides you with a chance to send authentic Pennsylvania Dutch sourdough pretzels to your friends and family across the country! Beyond the original handmade recipe, when you order from Uncle Henry’s, you’ll have your choice of our many sensational pretzel varieties.

About Uncle Henry’s Original Pretzels
Nothing beats the original, right? Although sweet tooths everywhere enjoy our chocolate-covered, extra dark, and other pretzel varieties, the original pretzel is an all-time favorite for most of our customers. Currently, we offer three original recipe pretzels with low, medium, and high salt options.

Original Traditional Pretzels
Every one of these handcrafted, twisted delights comes with a satisfying crunch and a taste that’s sure to leave you craving more. Sprinkled with a little salt for savory goodness, there’s a reason that these treats are local legends. Our original traditional pretzels are available in bags, boxes, and tins with shipping anywhere in the continental United States.

Original Extra Salty Pretzels
If you’re a fan of savory delights, you won’t want to miss these! The traditional pretzel goes back for an extra helping of salt, giving it a mouthwatering flavor that pretzel aficionados go wild for. Our extra salty pretzels are the perfect drink companion, and the high sodium levels are perfect for celebrations out in the sun.

Original Reduced Sodium Pretzels
On the other end of the spectrum, Uncle Henry’s is also proud to sell handmade reduced-sodium original sourdough pretzels. If you are on a diet or simply want a little less sodium in your snack, our original no salt added pretzels can hit the spot with extra pure pretzel flavor.

Consider Extra Dark Pretzels
If you want a bit more crunch than the original has to offer, consider one of our extra dark sourdough pretzel varieties. Our extra dark pretzels are also available in traditional, reduced, and extra salt options, and they can be recognized by their distinctive dark color.
Baked for a little bit longer, some fans might call these “burnt,” but in reality, they’re just a little extra toasty. It helps bring out the complex flavors in the dough – one taste and you’ll see what all the fuss is about.

Enjoy Henry’s original handmade sourdough pretzels anywhere
No matter which authentic Pennsylvania Dutch pretzels suit your taste buds, grab them at Uncle Henry’s Gourmet Pretzels and you’ll never be disappointed. A satisfying crunch awaits! Orders can be placed online or over the phone and customers are welcome to contact us for any information not covered on our frequently asked questions page.

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