Handmade, Stone-Hearth Baked Pretzels For Old-Fashioned Goodness!

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Whole Wheat Pretzels

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Pennsylvania-Dutch food is all about the land; the finest soil, the purest water, and the honest toil of local farmers make this region’s food some of the very best. Uncle Henry’s Pretzels transforms those flavors into incredible whole wheat, artisan pretzels!
Whole wheat dough delivers a complex crunch and a nuanced flavor in every bite – a rich, satisfying flavor that’s 100% Pennsylvania Dutch and 100% delicious. Available in regular salt, reduced sodium, or sesame for an exotic crunch, they’re all incredibly tasty! Whether you simply prefer the taste of whole wheat over traditional pretzel dough or want to snack on something healthier, Uncle Henry’s artisan whole wheat pretzels for sale are the perfect fit.
No matter where you enjoy these whole wheat pretzels, you’re sure to love the salty, savory, crispy crunch in every bite. Not only are these artisan pretzels a perfect snack, they make a great gift for loved ones, too!
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Uncle Henry's Pretzel Bakery

Uncle Henry's Pretzel Bakery