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Whole Wheat Pretzels

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Pennsylvania-Dutch food is all about the land; the finest soil, the purest water, and the honest toil of local farmers that make this region’s food some of the very best. Uncle Henry’s Pretzels transforms those flavors into incredible whole wheat, artisan pretzels!

About our Whole Wheat Pretzels
Whole wheat dough delivers a complex crunch and a nuanced flavor in every bite – a rich, satisfying flavor that’s 100% Pennsylvania-Dutch and 100% delicious. Available in regular salt, reduced sodium, or sesame for an exotic crunch, they’re all incredibly tasty!
Whether you simply prefer the taste of whole wheat over traditional pretzel dough or want to snack on something healthier, Uncle Henry’s artisan whole-wheat pretzels for sale are the perfect fit.
Handmade and Healthy

Our whole wheat pretzels are made by pretzel lovers, for pretzel lovers. The healthy whole wheat grains rolled into each of our pretzels provide a tasty alternative to manufactured products, which often contain more simple carbs.

Although pretzels are generally always a healthy alternative to potato chips, you can take it one step further by choosing whole wheat. Next time you’re craving a pretzel, treat your body to a handmade, whole wheat snack instead of grabbing something off the shelves at a gas station or grocery store.

No Salt? No Problem
If you’re watching your sodium intake or simply love the taste of a plain, whole wheat pretzel, our reduced salt option might be perfect for your liking. Our reduced salt handmade whole wheat pretzels are even healthier than their salted counterparts.

Ready to Snack
Best of all, our whole wheat pretzels are the perfect complement to any gathering, event, or even just a lazy day on the couch. To add a bit more to your snack, we suggest whole-grain mustard or another great dip to complement your handmade pretzels.

Order our Pennsylvania Dutch handmade whole wheat pretzels today
No matter where you enjoy these whole wheat pretzels, you’re sure to love the salty, savory, crispy crunch in every bite. Not only are these artisan pretzels a perfect snack, but they also make a great gift for loved ones, too!

We ship directly from our bakery in eastern Pennsylvania to all 48 contiguous United States. Our whole wheat pretzels are available by the bag and in full cases. The price per pretzel will vary depending on the size of your order and whole wheat pretzels can always be purchased and shipped alongside any other item that is available in our online store

If you have any questions about your next order, please contact Uncle Henry’s Pretzels today. We will be happy to assist you to the absolute best of our ability. For a few quick answers, feel free to read our FAQ.

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Uncle Henry's Pretzel Bakery

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