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Extra Dark Pretzels

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Nothing beats the taste of real Pennsylvania-Dutch style pretzels, baked fresh at Uncle Henry’s Pretzels in Mohnton, PA. Nothing, that is, except custom varieties of all your favorites! While our original handcrafted pretzels are delightful as a snack, gift, or a treat for a special event, these varieties let you amp up the flavor or enjoy the great taste guilt-free – and what could be tastier than that?

About our Extra Dark Sourdough Pretzels
Uncle Henry’s original extra dark pretzels for sale let the complex flavors and tastes found in their legendary pretzel dough bake in just a tad longer. The resulting deep brown pretzels offer an even more nuanced taste experience, and fans swear by indulging in these extra-toasty offerings.
While some call them “burnt” style, these original extra dark pretzels are simply cooked a little longer for a satisfying crunch. They’re available in three varieties, as well, each based on your preferred salt level.
Though some people consider extra dark sourdough pretzels an “acquired taste,” many of our long-standing customers prefer dark-style pretzels in each and every one of their orders.

Original Extra Dark Pretzels for Sale
Our original recipe pretzels are the most popular extra dark option for crispy snack lovers. By lingering in the oven and getting a sprinkling of salt, these tempting treats become a little richer in flavor and the perfect pick-me-up on a busy day.
For first-timers and long-time extra dark pretzel lovers, our original handmade recipe will likely be a crowd favorite.

Extra Salty Extra Dark Pretzels for Sale
How do you improve “pretzel-fiction”? Well, that’s easy – with an extra dose of savory salt grains! A satisfying crunch and salty finish make these pretzels near-legendary with Uncle Henry’s Pretzel fans.
Whether you are enjoying a sports game, hosting guests in the backyard, or parked in front of the television for the night, many snack lovers can’t get enough of the salty, thirst-quenching taste of a handmade pretzel. If this sounds good to you, please see our extra dark pretzels for sale with added salt for your enjoyment.
Low Sodium Extra Dark Pretzels for Sale

If you’re not looking for added salt, may we suggest our low sodium extra dark pretzel option? With significantly reduced salt, dark pretzel lovers can still get the same great taste and crunch as our original recipe without the added sodium.

These pretzels are all about the dough. If you prefer your salt as an accent and not one of the main attractions, or if you’re on a low-sodium diet, these are the extra dark pretzels for you!

Order extra dark pretzels from Uncle Henry’s Pretzel Bakery today!
After generations of traditional baking, Uncle Henry’s is proud to offer our family-owned pretzel products to everyone in the continental United States. We ship orders all across the country with extra dark pretzel purchases easily mixed and matched with many of our other great handmade products.
If you have any questions about extra dark pretzel shipments, please refer to our most frequently asked questions page or contact us today about retail and wholesale pretzel purchases.

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