Extra Dark Regular Pretzels

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These are our Special Pretzels that get a little more time in the oven.All our pretzels are handmade and are fragile, some breakage will occur during shipment. All prices include shipping and handling.

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1 Case (9 – 7oz. Bags), 2 Cases – (18 – 7oz. Bags), One 3lb. Bag, Two 3lb. Bags

10 reviews for Extra Dark Regular Pretzels

  1. Sue Reikard

    The best that have ever been in the market. Thousand times better then hammonds.

  2. Brian

    Tried these for the first time today. Extraordinary great taste with an awesome crunch. These are some of the best I’ve ever had.

  3. AJ DiLiberto (verified owner)

    There is not a better hard pretzel in the world. Certainly not at the typical grocery store. Personally, my family and I like Extra Dark regular salt. Amazing. Best ever. Nothing is even a close second.

  4. Marc Indri

    No pretzel compares to Uncle Henrys.!!!

  5. Elizabeth Rohn (verified owner)

    I have them shipped to Virginia!!!

  6. Michael Cohen (verified owner)

    Tried them while at Reading Market 12/2019. Came back while visiting in Philly 9/2020 and the retail was no longer there. I found another brand that advertised as “Dark Pretzels”, although good, not nearly as great. This past week while organizing photos I found the picture I took of the Uncle Henry bag with Website….In short, I cant wait till my 9lbs of pretzels arrive.

  7. Deb

    I bought these pretzels for the first time at Baughers Market in 08/2020 nd they were the best pretzels I ever tasted. I am buying them now for my family for Christmas!

  8. CM (verified owner)

    Tried another uncle’s extra dark pretzels. They are very good indeed, that is, when you get more than half a bagful of actual extra dark pretzels. That unc has loose quality control and you get maybe one-quarter extra dark per bag, which is a shame, since more people should know how delicious the extra dark-type really are. Stick to the best, Uncle Henry’s Extra Dark!

  9. debbie110 (verified owner)

    These are the BEST pretzels I’ve ever eaten and my husband, a self-proclaimed pretzel expert, concurs. They are crunchy, dark, rich, and have just the right amount of salt. We buy them by the case.

  10. Steve Thomas

    These truly are the best pretzels to be had, hands down!! Love the extra dark regular salt.

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