4 Delicious Christmas Pretzel Snacks Your Guests Will Love

Pretzels are an amazing snack no matter the time of year, but especially during Christmas! You can use them in a wide variety of Christmas-themed recipes that are sure to delight your friends and family. While there are certainly many recipes to choose from, we’ve collected our favorites below:

Christmas Pretzelsfriends having christmas dinner

A true classic, this recipe coats your typical hard pretzels in which chocolate and Christmas-themed sprinkles. All you have to do is melt the chocolate, sprinkle the pretzels, and let them harden. You can use your typical twist pretzels or pretzel rods. And don’t feel like you have to use white chocolate either! Any type of chocolate will do.

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Christmas Pretzel Hugs

These pretzels are so delicious it’ll feel like you’re getting a real hug! Melt a Hershey’s Hug candy onto each pretzel and then press an M&M into each and you have a mouth-watering chocolate treat. You can also swap out the Hershey Hug and/or M&M for any other candy you want.

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Snowflake Pretzels

Don’t worry, these pretzels didn’t actually fall from the sky, but they sure look like they did! Cover your pretzels in melted white chocolate. Then, sprinkle them with white sprinkles. Once they harden, they’ll look like mini snowflakes.

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Christmas Trash

No, this isn’t actual trash. Instead, it’s a Christmas-themed spin on the original white trash recipe. It includes Chex, Cheerios, peanuts, M&Ms, white chocolate chips, and, of course, pretzels. Just mix everything together and coat it in melted white chocolate.

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If you’re planning to make any of these recipes, make sure you have a bag of handmade pretzels from Uncle Henry’s Pretzel Bakery. Shop now on our website!