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Quick and Easy Seasoned Pretzel Recipes

Four spoons with different spices and salt on a black background

At Uncle Henry’s, we know pretzels – and while we love a good old-fashioned pretzel, there’s nothing wrong with wanting a little extra flavor! Transforming pretzels into seasoned pretzels is a fun and easy way to spice up your snack time. Whether you’re a fan of the savory crunch or the sweet delight, we’ve got you covered… Read more »

Fun Snack Ideas to Celebrate Pi Day

Pi Day is just around the corner (3/14), and what better way to celebrate the mathematical constant π than with some delicious treats? Whether you’re bringing them to school, work, or just making them for a fun treat at home, these snacks are simple, fun, and delicious! Pi Day Pizza For this, you can either… Read more »

Creative Ways to Repurpose Thanksgiving Leftovers

a table that has a full Thanksgiving course on it

For some people, the Thanksgiving leftovers are the best part of the holiday. For others, the thought of turkey sandwiches for five days straight is enough to make them skip cooking. Either way, leftovers are a major part, and while we know Thanksgiving is still a week away, we wanted to share some unique ways… Read more »

5 Creative Ways to Use Pretzel Pieces in Your Cooking

pretzels in a row, one of the pretzels is crushed

When it comes down to it, pretzels can be used in many aspects of cooking. From using their crumbs to even having them be the main component of your meal, there isn’t a plate that won’t be improved by a salty pretzel! We wanted to revisit incorporating pretzels in meals, so below are five creative (and delicious!) ways… Read more »

Snack Ideas for Your Next Game Night

A group of friends playing a board game

Game nights are all about having a blast with friends and family while enjoying some friendly competition. And let’s be real, the snacks you serve can either make or break the night. Lucky for you, we’ve got some creative and fun snack ideas to keep everyone munching happily between turns. So, grab your favorite games… Read more »

Unique Treats for Upcoming Holidays

An assortment of fall and Halloween candies with a bowl of pretzels

The holiday season is right around the corner, and you know what that means – it’s time to indulge in some tasty treats! But why settle for the same old snacks when you can impress your family and friends with unique, holiday-themed creations? Are you ready to add some festive flair to your holiday celebrations?… Read more »

Can Pretzels Be a Dinner?

A sausage wrapped in a soft pretzel

Can pretzels be dinner? For us at Uncle Henry’s…yeah, honestly! While we don’t necessarily mean grabbing a handful of pretzels and calling it a night, pretzels are a great carb to have solo or added to a meal! They can be stuffed and filled with all sorts of ingredients, cementing them in the “too heavy… Read more »

Unique Soft Pretzel Toppings and Fillings

A pretzel topped with brown sugar and cinnamon. there is a bundle of cinnamon sticks tied behind the pretzel

If it was up to us, we could have pretzels for every meal. And while that would be delicious, it isn’t necessarily feasible in most cases. However, while our hand-twisted pretzels are great, exploring different pretzels and combinations is always fun. Soft pretzels are a great, hearty treat. Their large size makes them a great… Read more »

3 Salty-Sweet Pretzel Treats Everyone Will Love

A drawn box containing brownies with a pretzel on top

Who doesn’t love a salty-sweet dessert? Pretzels have always found themselves alongside common sweets, and for a good reason. Everyone has their favorite combination, but we wanted to share more inspiration with you! Below are three salty-sweet pretzel items that are sure to become a staple in your home! Peanut Butter Pretzel Ice Cream This… Read more »

Ways To Use Pretzel Crumbs

Pretzels being crushed up in a mortar and pestle.

We’ve discussed the many pretzel snacks that can be created and enjoyed. While those are always a delight to make and enjoy, what happens when the pretzel bag is empty, except for a few broken pieces and crumbs? Before you go to throw the bag away, we’ve compiled a list of some ways to use up your… Read more »