Ways To Use Pretzel Crumbs

We’ve discussed the many pretzel snacks that can be created and enjoyed. While those are always a delight to make and enjoy, what happens when the pretzel bag is empty, except for a few broken pieces and crumbs?

Before you go to throw the bag away, we’ve compiled a list of some ways to use up your pretzel bits and crumbs!

Make a Pretzel Pie Crust

Typically people reach for graham crackers or cookies for their pie crusts. However, pretzels make for a deliciously salty crust that holds shape and compliments the filling! Blend up any crumbs or leftover bits with melted butter and press into your pie or tart pan. All that’s left to do is fill, bake (if needed!), and enjoy!

Tip: Pretzels are often used in candies with caramel and chocolate. Try using a pretzel crust for your next cheesecake and topping it with melted chocolate and caramel!

Use Pretzel Crumbs as Breading

Have you gone to make dinner and realized you’re out of breadcrumbs? Worry not- pretzels are here, and they give breadcrumbs a run for their money! Blend the pretzel bits into a fine crumb, and use as needed; pretzel-coated fried chicken, pretzel-topped mac and cheese, or whatever your heart (or stomach!) desires.

Tip: these pretzel breadcrumbs can also be used in place of breadcrumbs in dishes like meatballs or meatloaf!

A Salty Crunch in Any Snack

Most snacks, sweet or savory, require salt and crunch- which makes using broken pretzel bits a no-brainer! Whether you add pretzels to compliment or make pretzels the focus, either way, you’re sure to have everyone asking for seconds. Some great ways to add pretzels are:

– Sprinkle crushed pretzels on top of melted chocolate to make pretzel bark.

– Mix into candy cookie dough.

– Sprinkle on top of homemade caramel.

– Add pretzel bits in with raisins, nuts, and chocolate chips to make trail mix.

– Roll balls of cream cheese, or any soft cheese, in pretzels to make a homemade cheese ball.

– Mix in with your favorite salty treats for a homemade snack mix.

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