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Why Are Pretzels so Popular in Pennsylvania?

A baker making the twists while forming a pretzel

Originating from the heart of Europe, pretzels have become a staple snack for people worldwide. With their unique shape, satisfying crunch, and versatile flavors, it’s easy to see why they’re a go-to for many! But there’s one state that may love them most: Pennsylvania. Pretzels have long been a beloved snack across the United States,… Read more »

Pretzels in Pop Culture: Iconic Pretzel Moments in Movies, TV, and Music

A rendering of a film camera, with a strip of film around it

There’s no denying the universal appeal of pretzels. Their delicious, twisty goodness has won over the hearts of snack lovers across the globe. But did you know that pretzels have also made their mark on movies, television, and music? Join us as we take a trip down memory lane and explore some of the most… Read more »

Prepare For National Pretzel Day: April 26th, 2023!

A graphic of a pretzel that says "National Pretzel Day is April 26th"

It seems like there’s a “National Day” for just about everything- and we aren’t complaining! National Pretzel Day is celebrated each year on April 26th. Since we here at Uncle Henry’s are the pretzel professionals, we brought you some fun pretzel ideas and some fun pretzel facts to get you excited for National Pretzel Day!… Read more »