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5 Ways to Eat Soft Pretzels

Whether they’re plain, covered with sauce, or stuffed meat, pretzels are always a favorite. They’re also extremely versatile. Pretzels go with so many ingredients that you can get creative in how you eat them. Here are just five of the many ways you can eat soft pretzels: Dip it A basket of soft pretzels is… Read more »

Are Whole Wheat Pretzels Healthier?

There are a variety of different pretzels. From the original recipe to sodium-reduced pretzels, you can find any type to fit your specific diet or health needs. Whole wheat pretzels are an excellent option for those who are watching their diets but still want to enjoy the delectable flavor that pretzels have to offer. What… Read more »

Soft Pretzels vs. Hard Pretzels: What’s the Difference?

Pretzels are one of America’s favorite snacks. It’s also one of the most versatile. While there are many different types of pretzels out there, the most common delineation is that between soft pretzels and hard pretzels. What, exactly, is the difference between the two? And where did hard pretzel come from, anyway? Read on to… Read more »

pretzels at a bar

How to Set Up a Pretzel Bar

pretzels at a bar

Whether you’re hosting a wedding or planning a party for the Big Game, food stations are a great way to entertain and feed your guests. One of the many food stations that hosts are turning to are pretzel bars. Pretzels are affordable and versatile, making them a great treat for all your guests. You can… Read more »

The Best Dips for Your Pretzels

It’s hard to beat snacking on soft, doughy pretzels…unless you add some dip. Pretzels are tasty on their own, but the right dipping sauce can elevate pretzels to the next level. Thankfully, there are many easy-to-make dips that go great with soft pretzels. From cheesy sauces to mustard, you have plenty of options to choose… Read more »

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Uncle Henry's Pretzel Bakery

Uncle Henry's Pretzel Bakery