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How to Prevent Dough from Sticking to Your Hands

When you’re baking pretzels or another type of bread, you often have to handle raw dough. One thing that people always complain about when handling raw dough is how it sticks to their hands. But with a few techniques, you can prevent this from happening. Cover your hands with flour After sprinkling your workstation with… Read more »

Top 3 Tips for Baking with Kids

Whether you’re baking homemade pretzels or a chocolate cake, this can be a great chance to spend some quality time with your kids. Kids love to bake, and getting them involved early will instill a love of baking for the rest of their lives. Nevertheless, you’ll want to take some precautions to ensure your kids… Read more »

The Best Snacks for When You’re On-the-Go

Whether you’re traveling or stuck at work, we all have those days where it’s hard to sit down and have a meal. While you should never skip meals, you may find that you have to lengthen the time between them on certain days. Here, we list some of our favorite on-the-go snacks for various occasions:… Read more »

Why Do We Use Baking Soda?

Pretzels, like many other baked goods, have baking soda in their recipes. But why, exactly, do we use baking soda to begin with? Read on to learn more: What is baking soda? Also known as sodium bicarbonate, baking soda is a naturally occurring crystalline chemical compound. It is most often used in a powder form… Read more »

The Different Types of Yeast to Use for Pretzels

Yeast is an essential component to a variety of baked goods, including pretzels. But on your trip to the grocery store, you may notice that there are many different options for yeast. Many people believe they’re all the same, but this is not the case. Here, we go through the different yeast options so you… Read more »

Bread Flour vs. All-Purpose Flour: Which Is Best for Pretzels?

If you’re trying to make homemade pretzels, you’ve likely looked at a variety of recipes. They all appear similar at first, but you’ll soon notice one major difference: some ask for bread flour and others ask for all-purpose flour. Many first-time bakers are understandably curious about which type of flour they should use. Generally speaking,… Read more »

The Best Snacks for Picky Eaters

Almost every household has a picky eater. It might be your child, your spouse, or even yourself. Picky eaters can be difficult to please, and attempts to expand their palate usually backfire. As such, when you’re trying to brainstorm snacks for your picky eater, it’s best to keep things simple. Here are some ideas to… Read more »

Snack Ideas for the Coming School Year

In just a few weeks, parents, kids, and teachers will be prepping for the next school year. The first thing on the shopping list are school supplies. After that, you have to figure out how to keep your kids or yourself fueled throughout the school day. School lunches aren’t always enough, and many kids and… Read more »

Are Pretzels Healthier than Potato Chips?

You’re feeling a little peckish, but you don’t want a full meal. You head to the kitchen and try to decide between two of your go-to snacks: pretzels or potato chips. You love both, but you’re also trying to watch your diet. So, which snack is healthier? Read on to learn more: The Short Answer:… Read more »

Why You Should Bring Pretzels and Dip to Your Next BBQ

Summer is the season for relaxing with good food, and good company. It’s likely that you’ll be headed to a barbecue and be told the age-old sentence: “Don’t worry about bringing anything big, maybe just some snacks”. Before you reach for a bag of chips at the store, consider pretzels! Perfectly crunchy and salty, they… Read more »

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