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Category: Pretzel History

How Did the Pretzel Get Its Shape?

Featuring a series of knots and symmetrical loops, pretzels have a unique shape that make them highly distinguishable. But how exactly did the pretzel get its shape? While there are myths surrounding the origins of the pretzel, we may never know the true answer. Read on to learn more: The legend of the pretzel Legend… Read more »

Where Did Pretzels Come From?

Pretzels are a popular and delicious snack, known all around the world. But where exactly did these uniquely shaped snacks come from? And who invented them? The answer is not straightforward, as the history of the pretzel takes many twists and turns. The origins of the pretzel The specific origins of the pretzel is somewhat… Read more »

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Uncle Henry's Pretzel Bakery

Uncle Henry's Pretzel Bakery