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Preparing For a Perfect Picnic

A picnic basket on a red and white checkered blanket on grass

There’s nothing quite like embracing the golden sunshine of spring with a classic, relaxing picnic. It’s the perfect way to savor the outdoors, indulge in tasty treats, and create memories with friends and loved ones. It might seem straightforward, but the magic of a picnic lies in the careful orchestration of details. Here’s your guide… Read more »

Warm Up Your Winter With These Treats

A small wooden house on a white rug wrapped in a red scarf, signifying a cozy home for winter

Winter is here, and it’s the perfect time to snuggle up with some tasty treats that warm your body and your soul. We’ve gathered a list of scrumptious snacks that are sure to take the chill out of the air and put a smile on your face. Whether you’re looking for sweet or savory, hot… Read more »

Perfect Party Treats

A woman standing at an open front door smiling holding a lidded pot, symbolizing bringing food to a party as a guest

Hey there, party people! Are you ever stumped on what to bring to the table at your next gathering? We’ve all been there. Whether you’re hosting or attending, it’s no easy task to whip up dishes that are both tasty and crowd-pleasing. That’s where we come in with some fun and flavorful ideas featuring our… Read more »

Creative Ways to Repurpose Thanksgiving Leftovers

a table that has a full Thanksgiving course on it

For some people, the Thanksgiving leftovers are the best part of the holiday. For others, the thought of turkey sandwiches for five days straight is enough to make them skip cooking. Either way, leftovers are a major part, and while we know Thanksgiving is still a week away, we wanted to share some unique ways… Read more »

Unique Dips for Your Pretzels

A view of glass ramekins with different dips in each.

Pretzels and dips are a match made in snack heaven, but sometimes it’s time to branch out from the same old dips you’ve used for years. Uncle Henry’s Pretzels offers an incredible variety of hand-twisted, authentic Pennsylvania Dutch pretzels, so why not pair them with some equally unique and delicious dips? Get ready to elevate… Read more »

10 Perfect Beverage Matches for Your Favorite Pretzels

a glass of beer next to a stack of pretzels

Pretzels are a beloved snack with a rich history, dating back to the early days of Pennsylvania Dutch culture. Whether you prefer them sweet or salty, soft or crunchy, there’s something undeniably satisfying about these twisted treats. But what’s a pretzel without the perfect beverage to wash it down? In this blog, we’ll explore 10… Read more »