How to Have the Perfect Friendsgiving

Everyone is always talking about Thanksgiving, but what about Friendsgiving? This wonderful tradition is perfect a close-knit group of friends or college students who can’t make it home for Thanksgiving. But how do you plan the best Friendsgiving possible?  Read on for some of our top tips:

Have one person take the leadfriends clinking glasses over friendsgiving meal

While everyone should contribute to Friendsgiving, it does make things easier to have a point person who’s in charge. Most friend groups have a “mom” friend whose organization is on point, after all. Just make sure the person you have in mind is ok with it before you make them your unofficial leader!

Help the host set up for dinner

One person will have to host your Friendsgiving, and this is no easy feat! If you’re not the one hosting, make sure you take the time to help the host with the preparations. Bring decorations, set up the table, and help clean up afterwards.

Make a shared document detailing who will bring what

The next step in planning your Friendsgiving is determining who will bring what. Don’t feel pressured to bring the stereotypical Thanksgiving foods like turkey, potatoes, stuffing, etc. Many of these foods are difficult and time-consuming to bake. If you want to, go right ahead! But remember, this is your celebration. Have everyone bring whatever they enjoy and make a list of who’s bringing what so you don’t bring two of the same thing.

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