How to Prevent Dough from Sticking to Your Hands

When you’re baking pretzels or another type of bread, you often have to handle raw dough. One thing that people always complain about when handling raw dough is how it sticks to their hands. But with a few techniques, you can prevent this from happening.

Cover your hands with flourperson working dough

After sprinkling your workstation with flour, place some on your hands to prevent the dough from sticking. Keep in mind, though, that this technique can make things a little messy. Plus, you may find that you have to continuously reapply the flour as you continue working your dough.

Wet them with water

A more dependable and effective technique is to wet your hands with water. This can be cold or warm water. You may have to add some more water on your hands depending on how long you work the dough, but this technique is far less messy than using flour.

Rub oil on your hands

Another option that works just as well as water is rubbing oil on your hands. This is a mess-free option, not to mention that the oil may stay on your hands longer than the water. Just make sure whatever type of oil you use lines up with the oil in the dough. For instance, if you used canola oil in your dough, then rub canola oil on your hands instead of olive oil.

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