Pretzels: The Perfect Rainy Day Activity

No matter how old you are, rainy days can be a bit of a drag. If you have kids, it limits the number of activities you can do, often leading to noisy toys or an endless stream of kids’ television. If it’s just you, or you and a partner, you may be stuck in a loop of “scroll social media, watch some TV, scroll social media, have a snack….”

Next time you find yourself at the mercy of the weather, consider an activity that is fun solo, with a partner, or for the whole family: baking pretzels.

Learn a New Skill and Bond

Whether you have experience in baking or the most you cook is a bowl of cereal, pretzels are a great starting point. They are forgiving, fun to shape, and can lead to other pretzel-inspired creations being made!

Between mixing the dough and shaping them, you’ll spend a lot of time with each other. While it’s true that half of the fun is in getting down their signature twist- if that isn’t working out, try cutting them up into pretzel nuggets! But trust us, pretzels are always a great snack, no matter how they look.

And if some pretzels lose their shape, it’s a great way to get some chuckles (or have a friendly competition!) with each other.


After you’ve baked your heart out, you are met with a delicious treat everyone can enjoy while curled up watching a movie. You can even make some dips to go along with them! For some of our pretzel baking tips, check out our blog.

If you found that your pretzels aren’t quite right- you’re not alone! Getting the perfect salty treat we all know and love can take some practice. If you want to ensure you have pretzels no matter what, give us a visit! At Uncle Henry’s Pretzels, we have a wide array of pretzels for you to choose from and snack on. We also have sweet-n-salty gift boxes and a wide variety of chocolate goodies to satisfy any cravings. To get started, visit us online!