The Best Snacks for Picky Eaters

Almost every household has a picky eater. It might be your child, your spouse, or even yourself. Picky eaters can be difficult to please, and attempts to expand their palate usually backfire. As such, when you’re trying to brainstorm snacks for your picky eater, it’s best to keep things simple. Here are some ideas to get you started:

Keep it simpleyoung girl not wanting to eat salad

If there is anything a picky eater hates, it’s complicated food. The more ingredients you add to something, the more likely a picky eater will turn their nose up at it. When it comes to snacks, then, steer away from the Pinterest or Instagram recipes and towards the basics, such as chips and dip, pretzels, celery and carrots, etc.

Think about the texture

Many picky eaters dislike a food simply because of the texture. They’ll usually turn up their noses at foods that are soft or squishy, but each person is different. Before you head to the grocery store, think about what kinds of foods your picky eater normally likes and then consider their texture. For example, if you know they eat a lot of crunchy foods, then hard pretzels or chips may be the way to go.

Introduce new ingredients slowly

Picky eaters are unlikely to try new things, but that doesn’t mean they never will. The best way to introduce new ingredients into their palate is to do it slowly and gradually. Take something that they already like and then pair it with something new. For instance, if they like pretzels, try opening their world up a little bit by adding a dip alongside the pretzels. But don’t go too fast, and never force your picky eater to eat something they don’t want to.

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