Top 3 Tips to Help You Plan for Christmas Dinner

Everyone thinks that Thanksgiving is the only big dinner of the year, but don’t forget about Christmas! Whether you host it on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day, you’ll likely be having at least one big dinner with your family this Christmas season. Here are some of our top three tips to help you prepare!

Create two grocery listsfamily celebrating Christmas dinner

Getting everything you need for Christmas dinner is perhaps the hardest part. However, you can make things easier by making up two grocery lists: one for perishable items and one for non-perishable items. This will allow you to grab all the non-perishable items early before the Christmas rush begins. Then, you can spend the last few days before Christmas grabbing the perishable items.

Set up everything the day before

The day before your big Christmas dinner, take the time to set the table and lay out the decorations. This will save you time on either Christmas Eve or Christmas Day when you’ll be busy cooking. Clean all the dishes you’ll need and take out anything that needs to thaw so it’ll be ready by morning.

Don’t make everything yourself

Having a homemade meal is always great, but don’t be pressured into making everything yourself. Ask relatives and friends to bring a dish of their own. You can also buy pre-made foods and appetizers to give yourself a bit of a break.

One of the best appetizers for your Christmas dinner are handmade pretzels. Order yours today to get them in time for Christmas!