Top Tips for Hosting a Fantasy Football Draft Party

With NFL training camps opening soon, many fantasy football enthusiasts are gearing up for the coming season. And what better way to enjoy it than with a fantasy football draft party? While your main concern will be building the best team for the year, it’s also important to put on a good show. Here, we list out some of our top tips for hosting a fantasy football draft party.

Plan earlyTable full of tasty snacks and beer

Most fantasy football drafts are in the summer, for obvious reasons. Unfortunately, it will also have to compete with other summertime commitments. People may have weddings, summer vacations, or family trips. To ensure everyone can come to your draft party, start planning early. Get an email chain or group text going to start setting up a date and nailing down the details.

Check your Wi-Fi

Your draft party won’t be a success if your guests can’t actually draft players. You’ll need a reliable Internet connection to ensure everything goes according to plan. Before the big day, take steps to ensure that your Wi-Fi can handle all the extra people and devices. Additionally, on the day of, make sure that your equipment is all set up and that everyone will have access to the Wi-Fi password.

Create a draft board

To make things simple and interesting, create a draft board for everyone to work off of. You should all be working in a single room (with enough space for you to spread out) with the draft board in the center. The draft board can be digital, such as on a TV screen or large computer monitor, or it can be on a whiteboard or rolling chalkboard. At the very least, it should be large enough to fit all the names you need.

Have plenty of food and drinks

People may be focused on the draft, but they’ll still need plenty of food and drinks to keep them going throughout the night. Plus, they’ll want something to treat themselves with once the draft is over. We recommend a main meal that is easy to make for multiple people, such as pizza or sandwiches, and then various snacks. You can provide chips, dip, pretzels, nachos, and more. As for drinks, beer, pop, and water should be enough. You can also ask people to bring some food and drinks to help save on costs.

Whether you’re hosting a fantasy football draft party or attending one, don’t forget to bring some homemade pretzels along with you. Order your pretzels today at!