What Is Pretzel Salt?

Part of what makes pretzels so delicious is the salt that tops them. But as you may have noticed, the salt you find on pretzels is not the same type of salt you sprinkle on other types of food. Indeed, pretzel salt is distinct from iodized salt, sea salt, and kosher salt—the three main types of salt that we use. Read on to learn more:

Pretzel salt—explainedcloseup of a row of pretzels

Pretzel salt is a type of coarse long-grained salt. It is typically uniform in size with a flat, rectangular shape. These characteristics are what make them so good for pretzels as well as other types of baked goods. While it is called pretzel salt, you will also find this type of salt on bagels, focaccia bread, rolls, and other types of bread.

Do you always use pretzel salt for pretzels?

Ideally, you would use pretzel salt when making pretzels. But this type of salt is not always easy to find in the store. That’s why many people turn to kosher salt instead. And indeed, these two types of salt have a lot in common. Both are coarse and granular and lack any additives. The biggest difference between the two is their shape—pretzel salt is flat while kosher salt can range from flat to pyramids.

However, kosher salt is not the only type of salt you can substitute. You can also use sea salt, bagel salt, or another type of coarse salt. We don’t recommend table salt, as this is usually too fine for pretzels.

Do you have to use salt on pretzels?

Pretzels are best with some salt, but you can reduce the amount you use. For instance, our reduced sodium pretzels do no use salt in the dough and reduces the amount used on top. That way, you can still get the delicious pretzel flavor without taking in too much sodium.

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