5 Ways to Eat Hard Pretzels

Whether they’re plain or covered with sauce, pretzels are always a favorite. They’re also extremely versatile. Pretzels go with so many ingredients that you can get creative in how you eat them. Here are just five of the many ways you can eat soft pretzels:

Dip itsoft pretzels

A basket of hard pretzels is almost always accompanied by some sort of dip. And for good reason! The right dipping sauce can transform an already tasty pretzel to another level. Plus, there are a wide variety of dips to choose from. While cheese and mustard are the most common dips, you can also pair pretzels with chocolate, spinach and artichoke, and more.

Add toppings

In addition to dip, you can also add toppings to your pretzels. Common toppings include parmesan, cinnamon sugar, raisin, jalapeno, ranch, garlic, and almond crunch. While most of these toppings are added before baking, you can also add them after.

Keep it plain

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. While all of the above ideas are delicious, the original, plain pretzel is delightful on its own. Plus, plain pretzels can come in wide varieties, including whole wheat, unsalted, and more.

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