The Best Dips for Your Pretzels

It’s hard to beat snacking on soft, doughy pretzels…unless you add some dip. Pretzels are tasty on their own, but the right dipping sauce can elevate pretzels to the next level. Thankfully, there are many easy-to-make dips that go great with soft pretzels. From cheesy sauces to mustard, you have plenty of options to choose from.

Cheesehomemade pretzels with a side of dip

The most common dip you find with pretzels are cheese dips. Hot, melted cheese blends wonderfully with a soft pretzel. Plus, you can use a variety of cheeses for your dip. Some get a simple cheddar dip, while others turn to cream cheese or gouda. And of course, there’s always the classic beer cheese dip!


If you want to embrace the pretzel’s German roots, go with a mustard dip! Dijon mustard or a spicy brown mustard are the typical go-tos, as they add an extra kick to your pretzel snack. However, you can also get the best of both worlds by choosing a cheesy mustard dip. All you need is spicy brown mustard, a cheese spread, and Worcestershire sauce.


Pretzels’ saltiness makes them a great partner for sweeter dips. While many people don’t think of it, chocolate pairs wonderfully with pretzels. You can try a chocolate hazelnut dip or go with a classic chocolate fondue.

Spinach and artichoke

Finally, there’s the spinach and artichoke dip. While not a classic pretzel dip, the flavors nevertheless blend wonderfully. You can try stuffing your pretzels with the dip if you’re feeling particularly adventurous. However, this classic dip will work on the side as well.

Whether it’s full of cheese or chocolate, these dips need the right pretzels to go with them. Get your supply here at Uncle Henry’s Pretzels today!