Are Pretzels Healthier than Potato Chips?

You’re feeling a little peckish, but you don’t want a full meal. You head to the kitchen and try to decide between two of your go-to snacks: pretzels or potato chips. You love both, but you’re also trying to watch your diet. So, which snack is healthier? Read on to learn more: The Short Answer:… Read more »

What to Bring to a Pool Party

When you’re invited to a pool party, your first thought will be which swimsuit you should wear. The second thought will be what food you should bring. Unlike most gatherings, you won’t be sitting around eating food all the time. You’ll be swimming, running around, and grabbing some food here and there when you have… Read more »

4th of July Party Planning Tips

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Top Tips for Hosting a Fantasy Football Draft Party

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Father’s Day Food Ideas

Father’s Day is a time to celebrate the fathers, husbands, and grandfathers in your life. You obviously want to make it a special day for them, and what better way than making some amazing snacks? Whether you’re having a big party or just spending time with your immediate family, here are some of our favorite… Read more »

Why Do You Boil Pretzels in Baking Soda?

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Our Favorite Cookie and Pretzel Recipes

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What You Should Serve at Your Memorial Day Party

Memorial Day is a time to honor those who have served our country. It is also the unofficial start of the summer season. To celebrate both, many of us hold Memorial Day parties with our friends and families. While many guests will bring snacks and drinks of their own, it’s important to have a wide… Read more »

Why You Should Bring Pretzels and Dip to Your Next BBQ

Summer is the season for relaxing with good food, and good company. It’s likely that you’ll be headed to a barbecue and be told the age-old sentence: “Don’t worry about bringing anything big, maybe just some snacks”. Before you reach for a bag of chips at the store, consider pretzels! Perfectly crunchy and salty, they… Read more »

The Best Snacks for Your Wedding Welcome Bags

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