Tips for Cooking Christmas Dinner for a Large Family

In a previous blog post, we talked about how you can prepare for Christmas dinner. But what if you’re preparing Christmas dinner for a large family? Serving 20, even 30 people is far different than serving under 10. So, we decided to make up another blog post to help those with large families cook Christmas dinner.

Delegate, delegate, delegatefamily having christmas dinner

It’s practically impossible for one person to do it all. So, if you’re cooking Christmas dinner for a large family, learn to delegate. Have each family member bring a dish so that you only have to worry about a few. For those family members who can’t cook well, come up with other tasks for them such as setting the table, cleaning, and more.

Don’t feel pressured into using fancy dinnerware

Yes, Christmas is a special time and should be treated as such. However, when you’re hosting dinner for 20+, it may be unrealistic to use your fancy China or other dinnerware. Even if you did have enough for each person, you would have to clean all those plates and silverware. Plus, you run the risk of someone breaking something valuable. You can find plenty of nice, Christmas-themed plastic plates and silverware for you to use at any local store.

Have dishes that don’t need to be cooked to hold guests over

Not every dish needs to be put in the oven. In fact, it’s a good idea to have a few easy dishes to put out to keep your guests satisfied while you’re working on the main meal. This could include veggie trays, chips and dips, and of course, handmade pretzels from Uncle Henry’s Pretzel Bakery.

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