Why You Should Bring Pretzels and Dip to Your Next BBQ

Summer is the season for relaxing with good food, and good company.

A bowl of crunchy salty pretzels waiting to be snacked on.It’s likely that you’ll be headed to a barbecue and be told the age-old sentence: “Don’t worry about bringing anything big, maybe just some snacks”. Before you reach for a bag of chips at the store, consider pretzels! Perfectly crunchy and salty, they pair well with just about everything. Below are a few reasons why you should put down the chips and pick up the pretzels for your next summer get together.

A Change of Pace

Most people grab a bag of chips and a container of dip and call it a day. But switching it up is a great way to impress. Plus, rather than your standard flavors, pretzels have unique flavors- even whole wheat. If you want to go the extra mile, you can make your own flavored pretzels, too! Everybody loves a crunchy, salty, snack- and pretzels are a surefire way to make everyone happy.

Salty and Sweet

Gone are the days of worrying about bringing a dessert and a salty snack. By bringing pretzels you get a two-for-one deal! There are so many different combinations that work well with pretzels. You could bring classic pretzels and chocolate covered pretzels. Or bring one bag and play up the dips! With even just one bag of pretzels, there are several dips you can pair for endless combinations. Try a dark chocolate dessert hummus, a creamy cheese dip, or a sharp mustard!

With summer approaching, and more outdoor events happening, you’ll need to find the perfect pretzel to bring. Here at Uncle Henry’s we have a wide range of pretzels for you to choose from. Check out our supply today!