Are Pretzels Healthier than Potato Chips?

You’re feeling a little peckish, but you don’t want a full meal. You head to the kitchen and try to decide between two of your go-to snacks: pretzels or potato chips. You love both, but you’re also trying to watch your diet. So, which snack is healthier? Read on to learn more:

The Short Answer: Pretzelssnacks sitting on a table in bowls

If you’re trying to decide between pretzels and potato chips, pretzels are the healthier choice. This is especially the case if you’re eating whole wheat pretzels or low-sodium pretzels. Below, we’ll dive more deeply into this answer.

Nutritional Comparison

When you place the nutritional information of pretzels and potato chips side-by-side, you’ll notice why pretzels are the healthier choice. Pretzels have less calories than potato chips and less saturated fat. As we all know, excessive calories and saturated fat can ruin a diet. Nevertheless, they are both good sources of carbohydrates if you’re looking for a little energy.


The biggest difference between potato chips and pretzels when it comes to their vitamin count is that pretzels contain more folic acid but less vitamin E than potato chips. Folic acid aids new cell growth, so increasing your folic acid intake can be helpful to your body. Vitamin E, meanwhile, helps promote healthy cell communication. Your body requires both folic acid and vitamin E to function, so it will really depend on which one you value more.

Sodium Intake

If potato chips have one advantage, it’s the sodium intake. Potato chips contain less sodium than pretzels. However, you can correct this by opting for low-sodium pretzels.

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